We’ve seen Ash Vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell boomstick it to The Walking Dead once before, and ol’ Groovy Bruce isn’t lying low while we wait for Season 2. The erstwhile Fargo and Evil Dead star took a playful jab at Batman v. Superman as well, and let’s face it, we’d all surrender more cash to add Ash Williams and a chainsaw into the mix.

This past week saw Campbell sharing a (literally) cheeky Photoshop of the Batman v. Superman poster, modified to add that famous chin opposite DC’s biggest heroes. Take note of swapping out the “v.” for a proper “vs.” even, because you know Ash wouldn’t have that nonsense:

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time Campbell took a shot at Batman v. Superman, most recently last year to the L.A. Times in a fantastically omniscient exchange with co-star Lucy Lawless:

Campbell: My only problem with some superheroes is that they’re too perfect. Batman fighting Superman? To me that’s, sorry Warner Bros., it’s just a mistake. Because most fans are going to go, “Baloney, Superman, in his sleep.”

But now he has special armor.

Campbell: Batman does? Well he’s gonna need it – he’s fighting Superman! His face is exposed. Punch Ben Affleck in the face, you’re done. Walk away. What’s for lunch?

Lawless: He’s like, “No no not the face, not the face!”

Campbell: Hey, nice try. I’m not buying what they’re selling. Because OK, Kryptonite, well, who’s carrying around Kryptonite? Only Lex Luthor.

Lawless: Ah, Batman’s suit, hello.

Campbell: Batman’s suit is made out of Kryptonite?

Lawless: Probably.

Campbell: What a crock. Where’s he gonna get it, on the Internet?

Lawless: You can get anything on the Internet. Kryptonite underpants.

In the meantime, Ash will get back to his own Vs. later this year on Starz, facing off against an armored … keg. The Evil Dead will probably be around somewhere, too. Probably.

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