It's been a rough decade for Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan, both of whom entered the '00s on top of the world and are now somewhere a little more down to Earth. There was a time when these two were the duo behind the incredible 'The Sixth Sense' and the hugely underrated 'Unbreakable,' but now they're an actor known for phoning it in and a filmmaker whose name actually elicits laughter and jeers.

12 years after their last collaboration, Willis and Shyamalan are teaming up once again for a movie that could be their grand comeback ... or just a reminder of how far they've fallen.

The film is 'A Labor of Love' and it's based on a screenplay that Shyamalan wrote and sold back in 1993, before he become a Hollywood player (via Deadline). The script sounds like a huge departure from the supernatural-themed stuff that ultimately made his name, following a quiet bookstore owner who decides to walk from New York to California to honor the memory of his recently deceased wife. If your skin crawls a little at the thought of a weepy Bruce Willis learning life Americana-fueled life lessons, you are definitely not alone. It may be getting made now, but it sounds exactly like the kind of forgettable nonsense that would have gotten made in the early '90s.

Forgive us for being cynical, but that plot description and Willis and Shyamalan put a target the size of Michigan on this movie's back. A part of us wants it to be good. We want to believe that Shyamalan can recapture his old magic and that Willis can show that he actually does care about one of his recent movies that's not called 'Looper.' Still, our cynicism is earned when we remember titles like 'The Last Airbender,' 'After Earth,' 'Red 2' and 'A Good Day to Die Hard.'

'Labor of Love' is still in the early planning stages, but we imagine we'll be hearing more about it soon enough.