It’s a day that ends in “y,” so Bryan Fuller has left another prestige TV series. This time it’s Apple and Steven Spielberg’s long-developing update of Amazing Stories, so why the latest exit?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fuller parted ways with Apple’s Amazing Stories over – you guessed it – “creative differences,” but perhaps for the best. Sources say that Fuller was looking to downplay the “Amazing” part in favor of an anthology series that resembled Netflix’s Black Mirror, and Apple wasn’t interested. Fuller had been with the project since at least 2015, back when NBC was looking to reboot the concept.

It’s unclear where the series goes with its ten-episode order (reported at $5 million budgeted per episode), or what became of reports that placed Patton Oswalt, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily Gordon and Jane Goldman as Fuller’s collaborators. Meanwhile, the original 1985 Spielberg-produced series was nominated for twelve Emmys over its run.

Amazing Stories is now the third significant series Fuller has left behind, following his Star Trek: Discovery exit and more recent split with Starz’s American Gods. Departing Apple’s project might leave room for the Hannibal showrunner to expand his involvement with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series, though Fuller fans are likely nervous he’ll depart that next.

Stay tuned for the latest Amazing Stories updates as they arrive.

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