Who doesn't love making something their own? Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 fans voted for their favorite designs to become new personalization packs and now the winners have been revealed.

The Dragon and Cyborg personalization packs are the newest bits of customization that have just been released on Xbox Live.

Each pack gets a weapon skin, three unique reticles, and a brand new Calling Card. We enjoy how the Dragon skin looks like it was taken from a futuristic version of Monster Hunter. The Cyborg skin doesn't look very Cyborg-like, but it's bound to strike a chord with certain players since it was voted for so much.

Let us know if any of these skins appeal to you and whether or not you'd spend good money, or Microsoft Points, in order to rock them in battle. Each pack will cost you 160 Microsoft Points, which is the equivalent of two dollars. There's still no word if these will be brought to other platforms.

Are they worth it? Sound off in the comments!