No power in the 'verse can stop it.

While 'Firefly' fans (Browncoats) still clamor away at the notion of a reunion of FOX's tragically-shelved space-faring heroes even ten years later (come on, LOOK at Nathan Fillion now), the shiny people at 'Castle' are about to do us a big damn favor.  TVGuide reports that Nathan Fillion's one-time 'Firefly' co-star and former 'Chuck' star Adam Baldwin has been tapped for a guest turn on the ABC writer/detective drama this spring!

According to the guide, Baldwin (in his first role since the end of 'Chuck') will play "Ethan Slaughter", a "rough and tumble cop from the city's gang unit who lands a case that Castle is desperate to follow."  Slaughter shows Castle a dirtier side of police work that forces him to reconsider the depths he'd go to close cases. As the current season nears its May finale, "expect this new alliance to place Castle in the line of fire like never before."

Fillion, a notoriously outspoken champion of the cancelled FOX sci-fi series, is reported to be elated by the casting news, having not worked with Baldwin on-screen since the 2005 big-screen 'Firefly' conclusion 'Serenity.'

Fillion has also made numerous references to the the series on 'Castle,' even going so far as to don his sci-fi counterpart Malcolm Reynolds' costume for Halloween as a "Space Cowboy".  No word if Adam Baldwin will don or reference anything akin to his 'Firefly' character Jayne Cobb, but we'd imagine a little cigar-chomping wouldn't be off the table.

What say you, 'Firefly' fans, er, Browncoats?  Does the casting of Adam Baldwin for 'Castle' have you feeling shiny, or like a pile of "go-se" for being too little, too late?  Can anyone ever truly stop the signal?  What's Summer Glau up to these days?  Give us your take or even your favorite 'Firefly' quotes in the comments below!

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