Looking for a long-lost fictional TV dad to a 40-ish leading male? Look no further than Hollywood icon James Brolin! Yes it seems after recently securing a role in 'Community' season 4 as Jeff Winger's long-lost father, James Brolin is at it again fulfilling a similar position to Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) of ABC's 'Castle.' The show's oft-discussed father will finally make his appearance in the upcoming February sweeps episodes, but what sort of state will the man find himself in? Get the latest on 'Castle' season 5 inside!

James Brolin might not be TV's best dad, but he'll at least show up in the clinch. In addition to the recent 'Community' casting as Jeff Winger's oft-mentioned father, TVLine reports that 'Castle' too has tapped Brolin to play estranged father to its leading man. Brolin will appear in 'Castle's' traditional February sweeps two-parter beginning February 18, for an episode that sees Rick and Kate in a murder investigation that uncovers a plot to kidnap a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman’s daughter.

Also present for the episode as previously reported will be former 'Nip/Tuck' and CBS' 'Unforgettable' star Dylan Walsh, playing Agent Harris, an “even-keeled” FBI investigator who comes to work with Rick and Kate. Showrunner Andrew Marlowe previously spoke of the sweeps episodes, “Our two-parters are always about big tension with personal stakes, so we have a story that we like. [I'm] not quite ready to advertise what it’s going to be, but we’re excited about it and I think it has some fun twists and turns.”

Well, what say you? Are you excited the search for 'Castle's' dad is over? Has James Brolin found a new niche? Sound off in the comments!