Many a 'Castle' fan were heartily disappointed to learn that the ABC Nathan Fillion detective drama wouldn't put in for a panel at Comic-Con 2012, but now it seems the series is about to make up for it in a big way.  'Castle' and Beckett will soon find themselves at their own convention in an upcoming episode, to be directed by longtime 'Star Trek' stable and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' star Jonathan Frakes!  But will everyone's number one 'Star Trek' star beam out from behind the camera?

Thanks to TVLine, we've learned that an upcoming episode of 'Castle' season 5 will have a very commanding presence.  Former 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' star Jonathan Frakes will step behind the 'Castle' camera for the second time in the show's run, this time directing an episode in which Rick Castle and Detective Beckett investigate a death at a Comic-Con-type science fiction convention.

Set to air later this year, the episode will place the recently-coupled collaborators in a “world of egotistic celebrities, diehard fans and enough drama for two galaxies."  It isn't known if Frakes will step out from behind the camera at all for even a cameo, but suffice to say, we'll at least be on 'Firefly' meta joke alert!

Elsewhere, we know that '30 Rock' star Kevin Brown will put in an appearance for a 'Storage Wars' -type episode, and that former ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Office‘ star Jack Coleman will guest as a recurring senatorial antagonist for Beckett.  Coleman's character may or may not have ties to the man who attempted to kill her, Cole Maddox (‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Tahmoh Penikett).  Of course, 'Castle' season 5 will also deal with the fallout from its two leads finally hooking up in the season 4 finale!

Check out a teaser for 'Castle' season 5 below, and tell us what you think will come of Jonathan Frakes helming an episode in the comments!

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