As much as we enjoy the back and forth banter between 'Castle' and his beloved Kate Beckett, we have to confess that Nathan Fillion never had a better female companion than Gina Torres' Zoe Washburne. Well, he had Morena Baccarin too, but she was literally a companion. In any case, 'Castle' is on course to continue its round of 'Firefly' love, casting former Serenity shipmate Gina Torres for an upcoming episode, but will her role be on the side of good?

No stranger to multiple 'Firefly' references and even castings, Nathan Fillion and ABC's 'Castle' are continuing the trend as TVLine reports that Fillion's former co-star and current 'Suits' player Gina Torres will make a guest appearance on the ABC detective drama. Zoe Torres will appear in the season's 14th episode "Reality Star Struck," for a likely February debut.

According to the report, Torres will portray Samantha Foster, a fashion mogul whose ruthless and fierce TV persona on a 'Real Housewives'-style reality show hides an even more devious nature off-screen. Torres is the second major 'Firefly' alum to make an appearance on the series, after Adam Baldwin guest-starred as gruff detective Ethan Slaughter in April of this year.  Fillion has also made numerous references to 'Firefly' on ‘Castle,’ even going so far as to don his sci-fi counterpart Malcolm Reynolds’ costume for Halloween as a “Space Cowboy“.

In addition to her role on 'Suits' as Jessica Pearson, Torres will also be seen in NBC's upcoming 'Hannibal,' playing wife to her real-life husband Laurence FIshburne. What say you? Are you ready for another 'Firefly' reunion when Gina Torres comes to town?

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