I feel like I’ve spent a significant portion of my career writing about an Uncharted film, based on the beloved and very cinematic series of PlayStation games, that has never and maybe will never happen. For years, David O. Russell developed a version that would have starred Mark Wahlberg as treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Currently (or at least currently as of a year or so ago) there was an Uncharted prequel film on the books starring Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland as a young Drake. And through all this time, the obvious chose for the role based on the character’s portrayal in the games, Firefly’s Nathan Fillion, is the one guy who seemingly never got his hands on it.

Well, Nathan Fillion finally met Nathan Drake today, “scratching the itch” as he put it on Twitter by playing the character in a 15 minute fan film of surprisingly high-end production values. Avatar’s Stephen Lang plays Drake’s sidekick Sully and Mircea Monroe plays Elena. In the film, which you can watch above, Drake gets into a very Uncharted-y scrape, has to fight his way out, steals a bunch of old papers, monologues about history and legend, escapes, and then plots to travel to some distant locale in order to find a treasure that everyone assumed was fake but is, in fact, real.

There’s no sequence where Fillion climbs up the side of a building which a bunch of conveniently placed hand holds, but otherwise this is a fairly accurate adaptation. The sequence at the end even tries to mimic the camera’s POV during an action scene and does a fairly decent job of it. Frankly, this might be the closest we ever get to an Uncharted film at the rate Hollywood is going. If so, this is certainly better than nothing.

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