It’s hard to believe that Nathan Fillion has been solving mysteries through seven seasons of ABC’s Castle already, but those in hope of an eighth year might have good news and bad. Nathan Fillion's literary crime-solver will definitively return for Season 8, but neither Stana Katic, or the ABC drama’s showrunner, creator and producer are confirmed to keep with Castle.

According to TVLine, Fillion has officially re-upped his contract for an eight season of Castle, despite the lack of formal pickup from the network. Co-star Stana Katic however has yet to renew her own contract with the drama, and may not return for a potential eighth year.

Perhaps even more significant than the loss of Katic, current showrunner David Amann would definitely step down in advance of Season 8, while both series creator Andrew W. Marlowe and executive producer Terri Edda Miller may also leave Castle in the dust.

Castle certainly remains a popular flagship series for the network, though we imagine ABC will have a bit of re-shuffling to do with regard to its lineup this fall. We similarly heard that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff or Agent Carter renewals may depend on the crop of new shows, but should Castle continue, even with only Nathan Fillion remaining of the core talent?

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