The dial of Upfronts 2015 has officially landed on CBS, and of six new dramas ordered, a few should feel plenty familiar to fans. Not only has the long-gestating Rush Hour reboot been greenlit to series, so too has the network’s adaptation of Bradley Cooper intelligence thriller Limitless.

Developed under Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and starring Justin Hires and Jon Foo in hte roles previously made famous by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, the new Rush Hour follows the basic outline of a stoic Hong Kong detective arriving in Los Angeles, and partnered with a cocky African-American LAPD officer. Original director Brett Ratner is also on board as executive producer.

As to Limitless, the CBS incarnation stars Bradley Cooper’s own American Sniper war buddy Jake McDorman as the new leading man, while the premise has been reworked to see McDornan using his brain power on FBI cases. The Amazing Spider-Man castoff Marc Webb directed the pilot, written by Elementary writer Craig Sweeny and produced with Cooper, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and feature writer Leslie Dixon.

Other pickups include the Criminal Minds spinoff Beyond Borders, and medical drama Code Black. Will any of CBS new offerings prove the next big hits?