They're the actors you see all the time in movies and the voices you hear all the time in commercials. But who is that voice selling you that product? You know you recognize it - it's that guy from that one thing, right? - but putting the voice to the face isn't always easy. So we put together a quick handy guide to some of the most famous faces behind those commercials that are always on TV.

  • Robert Downey, Jr.


    In 2010, Planters signed Robert Downey, Jr. to become the new voice of Mr. Peanut, the company's famous spokesperson. Though the company put $35 million into the new ad campaign, the spots never really caught on.

  • Jeff Bridges


    Jeff Bridges has been doing voiceover work for Hyundai since 2007 and for Duracell since 2005. Since that time, Bridges has become a cultural icon for his work in 'The Big Lebowski' and has won an Oscar.

  • George Clooney


    George Clooney is probably not the kind of guy who drinks Budweiser in his spare time (he also promotes vermouth for Martinis, which seems much more his style), but the largest brewing company in the United States signed Clooney to voice their ads in 2005.

  • John Krasinski


    Despite a voice that would likely never get him a job as a radio DJ, the 'Office' star has wracked up an impressive number of voiceover gigs including the omnipresent Esurance ads, as well as Blackberry and Carnival Cruises.

  • Kevin Spacey


    Kevin Spacey might be the Artistic Director at one the most prestigious theater houses in London, but sometimes papa also needs a new pair of shoes. So Spacey signed on with Honday in 2005 and re-signed a new contract with them in 2008 to continue on as the voiceover spokesperson.

  • Gene Hackman


    Though Gene Hackman retired from acting in 2004 after the dismal comedy 'Welcome to Mooseport', his presence can still be felt through his commercials for Lowe's, which he has been doing since 2001. Recently Hackman was temporarily replaced by unknown actor Ben Yannette for a new specific ad campaign though he may return for future ads.

  • Jon Hamm


    It is something of a coincidence that Hamm, who makes a living playing an ad executive on 'Mad Men', would turn to the ad world to make some cash in his spare time. But in 2010, Hamm signed a deal that made him the voice of Mercedes-Benz, who hired the actor because of his "gravitas" but also because he appealed to a younger demographic.

  • Ed Harris

    Home Depot

    Ed Harris has a reputation for having a prickly personality but the people at Home Depot have coaxed a kinder, gentler Ed Harris (selling for their long-running spots.

  • John Goodman

    Dunkin' Donuts

    John Goodman is something of a larger-than-life personality, so who better to voice for Dunkin' Donuts - a company whose products can literally make you larger. Goodman has been doing DD work since 2006, where he's split time with their other spokesperson, Rachel Ray.

  • Susan Sarandon

    Walt Disney World

    Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon is another member of the multi-voiceover crew doing work for Disney Parks as well as Fruit Thins (and on-camera for the Got Milk campaign). Ms. Sarandon has starred in Disney films before, playing the lead villain in 'Enchanted,' and started voiceover work with the company in 2011.