We all know that Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones are great comedy actors, but they're able to show us all what they can do in drama with 'Celeste and Jesse Forever' from Sony Pictures Classics.

Since the two actors have been doing comedy for a good chunk of their careers, it's surprising but refreshing to see them tackle a relationship drama like this. In the movie the two play best friends who eventually fell in love and got married. But when Celeste's (Jones) career began to go up, and Jesse's (Samberg) went nowhere, she decided the best thing for them to do was to split up yet still remain friends. Once this happens, Celeste realizes the mistakes she made in her own love life and what might she be able to do in order to mend them again.

The rest of the cast includes Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor, Chris Messina and Eric Christian Olsen. 'Celeste and Jesse Forever' is currently playing at the Los Angeles Film Festival. But if you can't catch it there, then you'll just have to wait and see it in limited theaters on August 3rd. So far this has been getting great reviews out of LAFF and this year's Sundance, so we're excited to see this on the big screen soon. Watch the new trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.