Based (partly) on Channing Tatum's real life adventures as a stripper, 'Magic Mike' looks like a harmless, fun, fluffy movie about the modest perils and the fun of getting money for taking your clothes off. That it's directed by Steven Soderbergh is the real jaw dropper, but it speaks to Tatum's winning charisma that the Oscar winner would want to tell his life's story. Check out the trailer.

This film also represents a chance for Alex Pettyfer to... not redeem himself, per se, but show why Hollywood was ready to make him a star for a hot minute. And if Soderbergh works his magic on Pettyfer, maybe he can get a good to great performance out of Olivia Munn. It could also be a breakthrough role for Cody Horn, who's playing the love interest and is probably best known for a couple episodes she did of 'The Office.' And it looks like Matthew McConaughey gets to have some fun.

Soderbergh is the most interesting player in the game as this doesn't look like anything he's ever done before. The trailer sells a dance-y fun lighthearted romantic comedy. The closest he's come to that so far has been something like 'Out of Sight,' and perhaps this has a gravitas that the trailers are hiding. Stipper movies tend to.