We all know at this point that it's just a matter of time before Channing Tatum plays Gambit in his own 'X-Men' spinoff. We confirmed that Tatum has indeed signed on to play the character he previously said he'd "die to play" in a movie. But, after catching up with Tatum this week, we found out there's another superhero he would love to play in a movie one day.

Talking with Tatum in New York City as '22 Jump Street' the topic of superheroes came up and, while Gambit has dominated most of the superhero discussion lately, the actor dropped another bombshell on which superhero he'd like to play.

The Maxx is always something that...I would LOVE to play The Maxx. Oh my God, I would do anything to play him!

We'll forgive you if you're not fully aware of The Maxx (even Jonah Hill was confused as to who we were talking about), who didn't come from the Marvel or DC universe. The Maxx was an Image Comics series created by Sam Keith, who left Marvel and a popular run with Wolverine on "Marvel Comics Presents" to launch the character at Image. The story follows the title character who lives in two different planes of existence - one, where he is a homeless man, living in a box, and another where he is living in "The Outback" as the fearless protector of the Jungle Queen (a social worker named Julie, who also inhabits the real world).

The comic was notably adapted into an animated series as part of the MTV program 'Oddities,' which is where Tatum admits he was first introduced to the character. (You can watch the first two episodes below.)

It's a very trippy comic and one that would seem to prove very difficult to adapt into a movie. We can't imagine many studios wanting Channing Tatum to star in their movie, only to cover him in purple and have big, giant teeth. But, then we heard Channing Tatum talk about wanting to make a Gambit movie for many years before it finally happened. If he continues to have success and with a burgeoning directing career (he makes his debut later this year with 'Magic Mike XXL'), it could be a passion project he makes on his own.

You can check out more with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill below.

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