Is the western finally making a comeback in movies and television? It seems to be on the television front anyway, as a brand new western series based on the Hatfields and McCoys is coming to NBC, and Charlize Theron has signed on to star.

After news that the History Channel broke cable ratings records with 'Hatfields & McCoys' starring the greatest actor to have ever lived, Kevin Costner, NBC is jumping on the bandwagon and is producing their own show based on the two famous feuding families.

THR reports that Charlize Theron, who can be seen in 'Prometheus' opening this Friday, is attached to produce the western series, though it's unknown if she'll have a role. John Glenn, who wrote 'Eagle Eye' is attached to pen the series. Westerns are a tricky deal in Hollywood. They were once enormously popular but then Tinseltown decided to focus on vampires and those weird movies called "Romantic comedies." Even though most of today's films follow the same themes as a western, the good guys aren't kicking someone's ass in a saloon before jumping on their horse and riding off to Wyoming.

Hopefully with Theron attached they can get more big name players to star in the series. Not sure who they'll get to cast for the Hatfields or McCoys but Kyle Chandler's got the country thing down. If not, there's a whole host of young Hollywood talent who have probably never even seen a western. But it's cowboys, so it's all good. Let's just hope the series doesn't shoot blanks.