When Mad Max: Fury Road was announced, it was reportedly the first in a new series of films that would be followed shortly thereafter by Mad Max: Furiosa, a new sequel focused on Charlize Theron’s character. This was before the production fell behind schedule, went way over budget and reports surfaced that Theron and co-star Tom Hardy weren’t even speaking to each other on set. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, Charlize Theron isn't so sure she wants to take another ride on Fury Road.

The actress spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the difficult shoot and revealed she’s in no rush to go through that again:

There were times when I was like, ‘George! What are we doing?!’ We would show up with no scene numbers — we couldn’t even have a call sheet. And you look around and go, ‘What the fuck is going on?!’ [...] There’s part of me that’s like, ‘No fucking way will I ever do that [again].

Hardy is signed for three Mad Max movies, but it's unclear how many Theron has left in her contract, if any at all. Beyond Theron’s interest in returning, she may not even have to make that decision. Currently, Mad Max: Fury Road is tracking way behind Pitch Perfect 2, which opens that same weekend. If Fury Road can't cross $100 million at the U.S. box office, it likely won't get another sequel whether Charlize Theron wants to come back or not.

Here's where we're having some difficulty talking about this. We've seen Mad Max: Fury Road. (Don't ask, because we're not allowed to say.) And it's hard to talk about Charlize Theron and a Mad Max: Fury Road sequel without talking about Charlize Theron and Mad Max: Fury Road. But, hypothetically, a movie viewer would definitely want a Mad Max: Fury Road sequel and that person would very much want that sequel to focus on Theron’s Furiosa. That was the sequel that director George Miller wanted to make, and it's going to be the sequel that audiences want to see. But, the question is whether Warner Bros. and Charlize Theron want to make that movie.

Given the numerous troubles the production had (remember: this was shot back in 2012 and is just opening in theaters now), we wouldn’t be surprised if all parties left satisfied with the work they had done on Fury Road and all agreed to never do it again.

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