We've seen our fair share of cosplayers, especially when it comes to Batman, but a man in Japan is taking his costumed shenanigans to a new level. Introducing Chibatman, the vigilante Dark Knight impersonator riding around Chiba, Japan, on his version of the Batpod from Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy.

Dubbed Chibatman for the fact that he's dressed as Batman and has been spotted all over Chiba, this unknown man doesn't really save people from mayhem, but instead is just having a grand ole time feeling the wind rustle through his cape.

Bystanders have been blowing up Twitter with their snaps of Chibatman in action. Watch him go in the video above and the photos below.

He's no Batkid -- no one will ever replace Batkid -- but there is something about a grown man, perhaps a father of two, getting his kicks in this manner. But this pegs the question, and we'll leave it to you, people of Chiba to find out, who is Chibatman?!

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