2K's live-action web series for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified has taken an interesting turn, as now you can choose how the series will progress by voting on the ending of the latest episode.

We've seen two episodes thus far, each with an interesting hook and a mysterious event to keep us wondering what would happen next. This third episode stars Dominic Monaghan of 'Lost' fame as Agent Ennis, the man responsible for going in an erasing any trace of the fateful events that struck that town.

While we still don't know what those events were, they clearly affected Agent Ennis, as at the conclusion, we're given the choice to have him drink whiskey or pick up the revolver on his desk. 2K will tabulate the votes via Twitter, and the actual final moments will be revealed in the next installment on Wednesday.

We were already interested in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, but these live-action trailers have gotten us even more excited for the final product. Hopefully 2K can deliver on the promise and intrigue these trailers convey when the game arrives on Aug. 20.