We've been following progress on 2K Marin's The Bureau: XCOM Declassified all the way back when it was a first-person shooter dubbed XCOM. Now that the game is almost here, the publisher is ramping up its efforts in getting you interested in the conspiracies and mysteries of extra-terrestrial life with a new live action web series.

Counting the trailer above, two installments of the series have arrived so far. The first official installment was released on Friday, and depicted a children's show called 'Orbit and the Asteroids,' and the young boy who comes face-to-face with the alien obelisk in the teaser.

There are a bunch of clues hidden away about the future installments in this first episode, including some secrets in Morse code, and possible dates and times for important events. We'll likely find out more of what happens to the young boy next week, and 2K has definitely gotten our attention with this well-produced content. Hopefully the payoff for watching all the way through will be worth it.