Hayden Christensen has signed on to star alongside Bruce Willis in First Kill, an action-thriller about a police chief trying to solve a case while a bank robber holds a boy hostage. Willis will play the chief, with Christensen as the father of the kidnapped boy, who is on a hunting trip when he’s taken hostage after seeing a man shoot a bank robber. Also, the boy might have the key to a locker the bank robber tried to steal from. Christensen is trying to find his son, and Willis starts to wonder if he’s involved in the heist.

THR reported on Christensen’s casting — and that convoluted plot description. Confusing? Yes, but hopefully the final product will be a little more coherent. Do the chief and the father know each other? Was Christensen’s character involved in the robbery? Who will be the titular first kill (and will they die hard)? One thing is for sure: Bruce Willis sure does know what kinds of roles he likes. If First Kill makes it to the theaters, this could be a big action blockbuster comeback for Christensen, whose last role was in 90 Minutes in Heaven. (Did you see it? Neither did I.) Maybe the Star Wars prequels didn’t totally wring the life out of his skills.

First Kill will be written by Nick Gordon and directed by Stephen C. Miller.

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