Having concluded his Batman trilogy last year with 'The Dark Knight Rises,' it's been a bit of a waiting game to see what Christopher Nolan would do next. It turns out he wants 'Interstellar' to be his next project.

The script, written by Nolan's brother Jonathan, was at one point being circled by Steven Spielberg -- who just today left Robopocalypse -- but it looks like Christopher Nolan has been in talks with this project for months now. As The Hollywood Reporter informs us  "The project involves time travel and alternate dimensions in a story that sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole."

Perhaps part of the delay has to do with it being a co-production between Paramount and Warner Brothers (who've been Nolan's home since 2002's 'Insomnia'), but if this goes through it's a huge deal. Nolan is not only coming off two films that were billion dollar hits, but also 'Inception,' which grossed over $800 million dollars worldwide. Though that film was fronted by Leonardo DiCaprio, it was also considered Nolan's payoff for delivering 'The Dark Knight.' Those successes give him tremendous leeway on this project, as it means he can deliver a huge global numbers without having the film attached to a franchise.

Though no cast or release date has been announced, you can bet we'll be following the development of this project as close as we can.