It’s been eight months since Interstellar opened in theaters and fans of Christopher Nolan have been anxiously awaiting word on what the director will do next. Well, fans won’t have to wait much longer. It turns out what he will do next is already done.

Before you get too excited, Nolan hasn’t wrapped a super-secret 70mm IMAX space superhero action sci-fi epic that you’ve been dreaming about. Instead, Nolan’s next film is a documentary short about stop motion animators Stephen and Timothy Quay. Not exactly The Dark Knight, but here’s a little background on the brothers Quay:

Stephen and Timothy Quay (born 1947 in Norristown, Pennsylvania) find their inspiration in Eastern European literature and classical music and art, their work distinguished by its dark humor and an uncanny feeling for color and texture. Masters of miniaturization, they turn their tiny sets into unforgettable worlds suggestive of long-repressed childhood dreams.

To get a sense of their style, while they didn’t direct any of Tool’s music videos, but directors Fred Stuhr and bandmember Adam Jones were heavily influenced by the Quays on videos like “Sober”.

Nolan’s film, Quay, will debut at the Film Forum in New York City on August 19 (in 35mm, natch) where Nolan will lead a conversation with the Quays and screen three of their shorts: In Abstentia, The Comb and Street of Crocodiles. You can buy tickets to the event on the Film Forum site.

As for what Christopher Nolan’s next feature-length film will be, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement, but maybe it’ll be that 70mm IMAX space superhero action sci-fi epic.