The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has plenty to show off at Comic-Con 2015 between either of AMC’s two zombie dramas, but what of Cinemax’s forthcoming exorcism thriller Outcast? The first poster for the new series has arrived, along with a new comic cover that reveals Gone Girl star Patrick Fugit in the central role.

Before debuting its major presence at Comic-Con this year, Cinemax’s Outcast conjures its first creepy poster, illustrating (literally) how Kyle Barnes has dealt with possession as far back as childhood. A Skybound comics special re-print also reveals the first look at Fugit himself as Barnes, evoking some of the comic’s own past imagery.

Cinemax Outcast Poster
Cinemax Outcast Patrick Fugit Cover
Skybound / Cinemax

Also among the cast is Philip Glenister in the hard-drinking, hard-gambling role of Reverend Anderson, a West Virginian evangelical preacher who believes himself soldier in God’s holy war against evil, as well as Annabelle star Gabriel Bateman as a young boy who appears to be possessed by a demon and has a mysterious connection to Kyle. The Guest and You’re Next helmer Adam Wingard will also direct the pilot episode.

We’ll see more of what Outcast has in store at Comic-Con 2015, but do the first few images effectively translate the tone?