Though Clint Eastwood has won Oscars for this directing and producing, he's never been given a lot of respect as an actor. Perhaps with the release of Robert Lorenz's 'Trouble with the Curve' his performance there could net him some awards.

Eastwood stars alongside Justin Timberlake, Amy Adams, John Goodman, and Matthew Lillard in the dramedy about an old baseball scout who goes out on his last recruitment drive with his daughter (Adams), who seems to fall for another scout (Timberlake). That's some interesting tension.

As per Eastwood's acting abilities, part of the reason he was so criticized - even while he's long been one of the biggest stars at the box office - has to do with director Sergio Leone. Even though Leone made Eastwood's reputation with their 'Man with No Name' trilogy, Leone said this of him: ""Eastwood moves like a sleepwalker between explosions and hails of bullets, and he is always the same—a block of marble." Ouch. But Eastwood, like star performers John Wayne and Cary Grant, often plays subtle variations on the same performance. And that's partly why they are stars, you know what you're getting.

'Trouble with the Curve' is due out September 21, and though Eastwood's last couple films haven't been given a lot of Oscar love (the Academy mostly ignored his 'J. Edgar'), I wouldn't count this one out if Eastwood gives the "I'm going to die soon" performance this trailer suggests.



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