'Cloud Atlas' unleashed an amazingly impressive six-minute long trailer today and while the visuals were nothing short of sumptuous (that's a word, right?), we also couldn't help but wonder, what's that song in the background? Well, if you were like us and wondering, we have the answer for you...

The song in question is 'Outro' by French electropop band M83. The song is appropriately the last song on the 2011 double album, "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" (an album Pitchfork named the third-best of the year).

M83 has been around since 2001 but have leapt into the big-time with their last album. Katy Perry has said they're her favorite band and they were recently hired by Universal Pictures and director Joseph Kosinski to score the upcoming Tom Cruise film 'Oblivion.'

The song works beautifully in the trailer (which you can watch again here) but to get a sense of how it works on its own (hint: just as beautifully), you can listen to it below.

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