A few years ago, Eli Roth directed a fake trailer called 'Clown,' which teased a non-existent movie about a family man who finds himself transforming into a demonic clown. Now, this disturbing concept has become a reality. The trailer for the completely real feature version of 'Clown' is online, and it looks just plain upsetting.

The movie tells the story of an ordinary man who puts on a clown costume and makeup when the clown he hired for his son's birthday party doesn't show up. Little does he know, this isn't an ordinary clown outfit but some kind of demonic thing that possesses him and transforms him into a child-devouring creature. We have no idea exactly where 'Clown' goes, but this is one unsettling trailer, taking the already creepy imagery of clowns and tossing in a whole bunch of grisly body horror, creature effects and the only thing more frightening than an actual clown, Peter Stormare.

Although Roth is acting as a producer, the final version of the film was directed by Jon Watts, a TV veteran making his big screen debut. If the movie is half as freaky as the trailer, this could very well end up being something that horror fans should keep their eyes on. Expect 'Clown' to hit the festival circuit this year before getting some kind of release.

For the curious, here's the original fake trailer that inspired the film: