The fervor for Netflix’s Stranger Things has more or less passed (now that we have a second season to look forward to, anyway), but with the young stars still making press rounds, Stephen Colbert finally got his chance for a late-night parody. Look’s like Eleven’s back to crushing Coke cans in a new Colbert cold open, but with a musical twist.

Previously setting his sights on Mr. Robot, Colbert again utilized the Late Show cold open to take aim at one of the major shows of the summer. This time out, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is back in the lab with wires on her (presumably bobby-pinned) head, using her powers for much more mundane tasks for her “Papa.”

It’s a dynamic we might yet see recreated in Stranger Things Season 2 (or Stranger Things 2, whatever), as creators the Duffer brothers have noted the ambiguity of Matthew Modine’s character fate, while Brown remains the only major cast member unconfirmed to reprise their character next year (come on, you know she’ll be back).

In any case, the summer of Stranger Things is just about behind us, so enjoy Colbert’s last hurrah above.