Marvel premiered the 'Avengers' spinoff short 'Item 47' at Comic-Con 2012 to a packed theater of fans who spent the past few days on a superhero-themed scavenger hunt across San Diego. We were there to get an early look at the new Marvel short, which debuts on the 'Avengers' DVD and Blu-ray.

'Item 47' stars Jesse Bradford and Lizzy Caplan as two struggling 20-somethings who find a discarded Chitauri weapon left behind after the "Battle of New York" (i.e., the s--- that went down at the end of 'The Avengers'). Instead of turning the gun into the proper authorities (S.H.I.E.L.D.) they decide to use it for their own personal gain - namely robbing banks.

While this might seem like a more serious entry into the Marvel short film legacy - which previously were played mostly for laughs - 'Item 47' is still charming and goofy addition to the 'Avengers' world. It's actually a premise that feels a little rushed, even though this short is more than double the length of the previous Marvel shorts. 'Item 47' starts with their first bank robbery and though there was considerable backstory written for these two characters (how they found the gun, how they tested the gun, etc.) none of that is shown and frankly would've been a welcome addition.

But if the point of 'Item 47' is to leave the audience wanting more, then mission accomplished. They're probably a little too fluffy to crossover into the theatrical world of the Marvel universe but Bradford and especially Caplan deserve more opportunities to show off in future Marvel properties.

Prior to the short, Robert Downey, Jr. appeared in a taped segment from the North Carolina set of 'Iron Man 3' thanking all the fans for attending the short's premiere. He teased there would be a lot more to come at the Marvel panel so make sure you stick around to find out what surprises they have in store.

'Item 47' will be featured on the 'Avengers' DVD and Blu-ray, which hits stores on September 25th.