We've been reporting some great happenings in the days leading up to this year's Comic Con, so it saddens us to have to report the convention's first -- and hopefully only -- tragedy.

At around 9:20 this morning the woman, was crossing the street in a hurry when she stumbled and fell. She was hit by an oncoming Subaru Outback station wagon and suffered severe head injuries. The San Diego Union-Tribune says she "tried to run across Harbor...tried to stop when she saw an oncoming Subaru but ended up tripping into the car."

San Diego Police Department spokesman Ron Glass added, "Apparently the pedestrian, as she went (along) the crosswalk, stumbled and fell and struck the vehicle as it passed by her."

The Examiner is reporting that the victim was a 53-year-old woman named Giselle G. and known on Twitter as @mad4hugh. Here's a photo of the deceased in the 'Twilight' line from yesterday afternoon.

The woman was immediately transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

If you're already at Comic Con, or if you're traveling there now, please be careful. We know it's a fantastic convention filled with tons of exciting events to get you guys worked up into a frenzy, and you want to see and do as much as you can. But it's not worth careless behavior that could result in injury, or in this case, death. Take care of yourselves in San Diego this week, and remember: look both ways when you cross the street, okay?