Almost immediately following the ‘Family Guy’ panel from Comic-Con 2013 today came the ‘American Dad’ panel, though series creator Seth MacFarlane wasn’t in attendance given his work on ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West.’ Cast and crew were on hand to preview season 10, before the series moves to TBS in 2014, so what did we learn from the latest ‘American Dad’ footage at Comic-Con 2013?

Enough footage debuted from the upcoming season 10 reel to fill a number of episodes, but among the scenes, we saw Roger running an exclusive daycare, Steve and Roger finding a spooky ghost Francine haunting a washing machine, Hayley and Stan attempting to out-drink one another to teach a lesson, and Steve and Snot making sex clones, only to find they emerge from the cloning machine as babies!

Among the bigger announcements, an episode wherein Snot’s father dies will take the form of an indie road-trip parody, complete with a character voiced by manic pixie dream girl template Zooey Deschanel! Here’s what the cast and showrunners had to offer from ‘American Dad’ season 10:

  • One episode will see Stan turned into a woman by overusing CIA drugs, while the episode in which Steve and Snot make sex clones will see them raising the children they’d originally bred to take their virginity. The episode will go from ‘Weird Science’ to ‘Blade Runner,’ as Stan resorts to hunting the clones down.
  • Rachel MacFarlane will guest on ‘Family Guy’ as a sex partner for Quagmire, cementing the “Edge of Incest” theme throughout the panel by pairing Rachel with her brother, Seth.
  • We’ll finally see the fate of Jeff, last seen being shot into space, while Sinbad will also return to voice himself … as a ghost. Curiously, time travel will also play a role in examining Hayley and Jeff’s relationship.
  • Guests for the season include Alison Brie, Ellie Kemper, Stanley Tucci, Mariah Carey, and Olivia Wilde. We were also treated to a musical sequence from the long-delayed Christmas special, in which Steve acts out at a toy store and demands Stan and Francine grant his every wish.
  • No current plans for an ‘American Dad’ movie, but showrunner Mike Barker believes the plot would involve finally featuring Roger’s home planet.

We’ll be checking out ‘American Dad’’s tenth season this fall on FOX, and we're curious to see how it handles the move to TBS in 2014, but what do you think? Could ‘American Dad’ be on the way to its best season yet, based on what the panel revealed?