Good news, everyone! ‘Futurama’ held its last, and potentially best panel at Comic-Con 2013, and we were on hand to get all the details. Series creator Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and the entire cast (including Comic-Con first-timer Tress McNeille) were on hand to preview the final episodes, and say goodbye to the series, so what did we learn from the last ‘Futurama’ panel ever?

We still have a few episodes before ‘Futurama’ airs its apparent series finale “Meanwhile,” but that shouldn’t mean fans were left without an early treat! The cast read the first act of the episode live, after which Matt Groening aired the entire second act, with finished animation! We won’t give the whole thing away, but it involves some watershed moments for Fry and Leela, and of course, 10-second time travel.

The readings left precious little time to answer fan questions and preview other upcoming episodes, but here’s what the ‘Futurama’ cast had to reveal:

  • Comedy Central will run the fan-chosen favorite ‘Futurama’ episodes on August 25, so get on Comedy Central’s website to vote for ‘Futurama’ Fanarama!
  • Surprisingly, Matt Groening revealed that the inspiriation for Fry’s first name to be that of Groening’s father, Homer Phillip Groening, rather than Phil Hartman as previously thought.
  • It wasn’t actually revealed until the ‘Simpsons’ panel that immediately followed, but ‘Futurama’ will cross over with ‘The Simpsons’ in the latter’s finale, atop the recent ‘Family Guy’ crossover announced!
  • Both Cohen and Groening admitted to having more stories, and a few unanswered questions about the series, should ‘Futurama’ once again return from the grave.

We’re certainly looking forward to the September finale of ‘Futurama,’ along with the episodes in between, but what say you? Did ‘Futurama’’s last panel at Comic-Con 2013 make you any less heartbroken for the upcoming end?

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