Though a release date hasn't yet been announced, Jon M. Chu is already talking up 'G.I. Joe 3' at Comic-Con 2013. And if there's one place you want to start promoting your geek-friendly property, Comic-Con is where you want to be. Chu dropped a couple of hints about characters we might see return and expanding the scope of the film to be even bigger and crazier than before.

In an interview with CraveOnline, Jon M. Chu, director of 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation,' spoke about the possibilities for the third film. As for who might return next time, Chu said:

There's definitely a possibility that we'll get Scarlet back. I think there's a lot of characters that we can get back. The G.I. Joe world is a large world and we're with one section of it. In mind it was never "Oh we're getting rid of everyone and that's that!" This is another part of the universe and I'm sure we'll get her back. She has some of the most interesting storylines, especially with Snake Eyes.

But it's not just about characters, it's also about the world Chu has helped create -- and it seems the director has some huge ideas for the third film:

The reason I love G.I. Joe is because it goes everywhere and it stretches and it pulls. There's never been a mythology like that before where it mixes military, ninjas, androids, and crazy political things between the Cobra. I just love that. All the doors are open for us. We started with the foundation of G.I. Joe Retaliation to clear the slate, to get to where this world lives and we have ninjas flying next to military guys. Now we can take the next step, now we can go on an adventure somewhere else and we can just keep building until you are literally like 'What the hell is going on here?'

Chu also confirms that the film will likely be shot in 3D to avoid the lengthy post-conversion process that delayed 'Retaliation.'