Last year's Comic-Con convention in San Diego saw the big reveal of Godzilla's return in Legendary Pictures' upcoming reboot, along with the first teaser poster, concepts and the iconic (and trademarked) monster scream. Now it looks like the studio is planning to reveal something big at Comic-Con 2013.

Legendary has launched a new viral website,, starting with two teaser-y news articles, both describing, as the site's name already suggests, encounters with the monolith. Further investigation, however, seems to reveal some Comic-Con easter eggs. "The San Diego-bound ship ..." from the first article and "huge waves from Tsujido Beach clear over to PB in San Diego ..." from the second appear to tease the coming panel, held in Hall H on Jul. 20. (Also, what's going on with those select letters highlighted in red? After more articles are revealed, could the letters end up spelling something out?)

On top of that, spectators in San Diego have already spotted a 'Godzilla' mural, which possibly offers our first look at the revamped creature, but, frankly, the image is too abstract to tell. (Check it out below to see for yourself.)

@mynameiscedric, Twitter

No word yet on which stars or crew members exactly will be in attendance at Comic-Con, but hopefully we'll be seeing at least director Gareth Edwards and even stars like Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Bryan Cranston. But if all else fails, do you think we'll be seeing our first legit look at the giant monster thriller? Our guess is a gargantuan "Yes!"

Production kick-started a while ago on 'Godzilla,' starring Taylor-Johnson, Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Juilette Binoche. 'Godzilla' is set for release on May 16, 2014.