'Sherlock' stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were unable to make it to Comic-Con 2013, but they both recorded introductions to the panel, and it gave them a chance to get cheeky.

Freeman appears to be on the set of 'The Hobbit,' while Cumberbatch has no similar excuse that we can tell. Regardless, both are funny, with Cumberbatch given a rare chance to show off his wit -- at least considering that he's mostly played dry characters -- and his confusion about what he's there to talk about is actually funny.

They don't reveal much information about the new season (and when Cumberbatch tries to, well, obviously he doesn't), except that they're in the midst of shooting, and when Freeman is done with his work on 'The Hobbit' they'll shoot the third episode.

But even with that news, there's a long wait ahead for fans, as the new season won't premiere until the end of the year (possibly) in England, and isn't set to hit America until some time in 2014. And with that delay it's no surprise that little information was revealed today at the Comic-con panel. Alas. Stay tuned as we bring you more information straight from Comic-Con 2013.