Fans of Nickelodeon’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ sequel series ‘The Legend of Korra’ were sure in for a treat at Comic-Con 2013, as series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko were on hand with the voice cast to preview a brand new sizzle reel! More than that even, fans caught the entire premiere episode of Book Two: Spirits, titled “Rebel Spirit!” So, what did we learn from ‘The Legend of Korra’ book 2?

It would be hard to describe the sizzle reel itself, lacking any dialogue from the vocal stars, but suffice to say it included plenty of action and colorful designs for the spirit world. Among those familiar to fans, we saw the Great Library’s spirit owl, and plenty of new designs for fans to marvel at when Book Two premieres in September.

Having screened the September premiere, we won’t divulge the full details of the episode, but offer up a few key points regardless:

  • Korra now easily ascends in and out of the Avatar state, though the degree to which she uses it bothers Tenzin, who believes she should more fully master the art of Airbending. Meanwhile, on a visit to Korra’s hometown for the spirit festival, Korra’s uncle and Northern Water Tribe leader Unalaq wishes her to move away from Tenzin, and study the spirits.
  • Mako has fully integrated into the city’s police force, even sharing his possible one-liners with Korra, though their ongoing relationship remains far from perfect
  • Interacting mostly with Bolin and Asami, John Michael Higgins (‘Arrested Development’) will easily prove a fan-favorite, over-the-top character. The same goes for Aubrey Plaza, one of two stoic Northern Water Tribe twins who take an interest in Bolin.
  • We definitely get a stronger sense of Tenzin’s family, particularly as they contemplate their own adventure.

One of the more exciting announcements of the panel, ‘The Walking Dead’ star Steven Yeun will voice Wan, the original Avatar, who first learned to commune with the spirits. In addition to his various designs, we saw multiple spirit characters, and the backgrounds inspired by old Japanese paintings.

Hopefully the ‘Legend of Korra’ Book Two sizzle reel will make its way online, while we wait for more on the September premiere! Tell us what you want to see most from ‘Legend of Korra’: Book Two in the comments!