Just when it seemed that Marvel's 'Ant-Man' was getting back on track after all that Edgar Wright-exiting and replacement director-searching, it appears that the Peyton Reed production has been hit with another major setback. Deadline reports that Patrick Wilson, Matt Gerald, and Kevin Weisman have all dropped out of the film, scheduled to go into production later this year. With Marvel set to hit Hall H tomorrow for one of their always-impressive Comic-Con presentations, it sure sounds like the 'Ant-Man' table will be unexpectedly undermanned.

As for why the trio have departed, Deadline reports that it's not as bad as it may seem (the outlet also notes that "there is speculation that the trio’s exit is for the same reason that Wright departed and was replaced by Peyton Reed. Marvel insiders adamantly dispute that," so take that for what you will). Both Gerald and Weisman's characters (Gerald was cast as a villain and was expected to reprise his role from the Marvel One-Shot short 'All Hail the King') have reportedly been written out of the film's latest script, which continues to go through new screenwriters on a seemingly weekly basis.

Wilson, however, has left the project due to "a scheduling conflict," one that cropped up when the film got delayed after all that director's chair upheaval. The actor was set for a sizable, but still undisclosed, role in the film.

Sounds like this is a good time for Marvel to do a little deflection and announce something big and splashy to counteract a possibly slim 'Ant-Man' panel...

Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly are still set to star in the film, which will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.