'Breaking Bad,' probably the best series currently on television and arguably one of the greatest shows of all time, returns tomorrow night. AMC, knowing that they've got their audience addicted like junkies strung out of Heisenberg's trademark blue meth, have been playing coy with the details. However, if you need one last quick fix to prepare you for tomorrow's season premiere, all you have to do is scroll down and give the new three-minute trailer a watch.

The trailer is a mixture of footage from past seasons as well as a bunch of new scenes, but unless you're a total spoilerphobe, there isn't anything that looks like it'll ruin your experience. We get glimpses of how "winning" Walt will rise to power in the bloody wake of the Gus Fring and, more importantly, we get our first look at how Mike, everyone's favorite criminal foot soldier, will react to this violent regime change. People who work with Walt tend to end up shot, poisoned, strangled and ethically compromised...and no one knows this more than Mike.

'Breaking Bad' returns tomorrow at 10:00 E/9:00 C on AMC. If you want to know more, make sure you check out our coverage of the show's Comic-Con panel!