First, Starz' 'Spartacus' series had to overcome the cries that it was a cheap knock-off of Zack Snyder's '300.' Through tremendous performances and nutty, soapy plotting, it did. Then it had to overcome the tragic death of its leading man, Andy Whitfield. By casting the more-than-capable Liam McIntyre, it did. Now, we've arrived at the third and final season of the show and if the new teaser is any indication, there is nothing standing in the way of 'Spartacus: War of the Damned' being the coolest thing to happen on your television in 2013.

After the violent and insane events of last season, Spartacus and his army are back and it looks like they're going to make further good on their promise to "kill them all." Last season proved that no one was safe and much of the cast got sliced and diced, which certainly doesn't bode well for those who managed to make it to this final stretch with their blood still inside their body. Considering the basic historical truths of the real Spartacus, it's doubtful that this season will find our hero toppling the Roman Empire, but he'll certainly kill a large percentage of its armies. The teaser below makes that much clear.

'Spartacus: War of the Damned' premieres this January. Consider it a perfect palate cleaner between the final seasons of 'Breaking Bad.'