Rest easy, Greendale gang!  We know the future of 'Community' has been dim of late, what with the obvious dark spots of NBC only renewing the series for 13 episodes to air on Friday nights, the dismissal of show-runner Dan Harmon, and writers fleeing to other projects, but fear not!  The Greendale seven will indeed be making a trip to San Diego Comic-Con this summer.  When can we see them, and who won't be in attendance?

TVLine has announced that in spite of earlier fears, 'Community' will indeed be making an appearance for a panel at 2012's San Diego Comic-Con.  Initially, it was seen as uncertain if the cult Critic's Choice-winning NBC comedy would be in attendance, given all the recent controversy of show-runner Dan Harmon being dismissed from the series.

No official time, venue or roster has been given for 'Community's Comic-Con panel, though it's believed that all seven series stars could be in attendance.  Elsewhere, Comic-Con favorite 'Castle' has more or less officially declared that it won't take part this year, in spite of its very geek-friendly leading man Nathan Fillion.

'Castle' writer Terri Edda Miller tweeted late Monday that “the show was not invited,” adding, “[ABC has] new shows [to] put forward now.” Still, it's expected that Nathan Fillion will still make his presence known at the convention in some capacity.

What say you?  Are you happy to have 'Community' confirmed to be coming to Comic-Con, or do you feel the show is on it's last legs?  Will you miss 'Castle?'  Give us your take, and tell us if you're coming in the comments below!