'Community' is ready to bang the gavel with yet another high-concept episode this Thursday April 26, as the Greendale gang turns to 'Law & Order' for inspiration in its procedural spoof "Basic Lupine Urology" (an inspired reference if you get it).  So while 'Community' always goes out on a wire for these experimental episodes, how would you like a first look?

We make no secret of our unabashed love for 'Community,' and all the trippy out-there episodes (that likely alienate viewers) it wants to produce.  So we'll be front and center when the latest parody takes hold in aping the iconic 'Law and Order,' but this first look should be enough for anybody to figure just how well the Greendale six nail it.  Not to mention 'The Wire's Omar Little (Michael K. Williams) returning!  From the official press release:

THE STUDY GROUP'S SCIENCE EXPERIMENT IS SABOTAGED AND THEY GO ON THE OFFENSIVE TO EXPOSE THE CULPRIT - MICHAEL K. WILLIAMS GUEST STARS - When Annie (Alison Brie) discovers the study group's yam experiment smashed to smithereens on the science lab floor, the group mobilizes to expose the criminal and save their grade. Once Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) think they have located the perpetrator, the group conducts a "trial," with a reluctant Professor Kane (guest star Michael K. Williams) serving as judge. Jeff (Joel McHale) soon realizes, however, that the plot is thicker than anyone suspects.

Take a look at NBC's first clip from the episode below, which not only delivers perfect homage to every procedural stereotype you've ever seen, but also puts a distinctly 'Community' spin on the classic 'Law & Order' opening credits!  Be sure to watch 'Basic Lupine Urology' this Thursday (seriously, we need that renewal), and tell us what you thought of the clip in the comments!