We may have been a little overzealous in theorizing that 'Community' season 4 might have hired UK thesp Malcolm McDowell to play a history professor with an outside shot of ending as up Jeff Winger's father, given the resemblance to Joel McHale.  We realize now that Jeff had indeed known his father when he was younger, but what of 'Community' season 4 guest star Matt Lucas?  Is he what we initially thought, or someone with a more specific focus?  Details inside!

TVLine is reporting new details of 'Community' season 4 star Matt Lucas's role, previously thought to be that of a new Greendale history professor.  While the 'Bridesmaids' star was initially reported as a new teacher for the gang, that role was actually given to actor Malcolm McDowell, so where does that leave Lucas?

According to the report, Lucas will instead play a new friend of Abed's, one met during an Inspector Spacetime convention, and something of a kindred spirit that threatens Troy and Abed's friendship.  In fact, Lucas' character and Abed are even revealed to have met before, online!

Best known to American audiences for his ‘Bridesmaids’ turn as Kristen Wiig’s roommate Gil, Lucas’ casting was the first significant guest star announcement for ‘Community’ season 4, which has previously been said to introduce Jeff Winger (Joel McHale)’s father, and finally pay a visit to Pierce's mansion.  Of course, ‘Community’ season 4 is also the first under new show-runners Moses Port and David Guarascio.  Dan Harmon seems to be doing just fine these days anyway.

What say you?  Is Lucas better served as a sci-fi fan than a history professor?  What other famous faces will we see gracing Greendale when the show premieres on Friday, October 19?  Sound off in the comments below!