All right Human Beings, we've got some good news and some okay news. The good news is that 'Community' is coming back for a fourth season. As the show was based around a college, getting (at least) four years seemed necessary for the characters to finish their higher educations. The okay news is that it's a short order of thirteen episodes.

Deadline broke the story, and it confirms what we reported two days ago: It seems most of NBC's comedy shows will be returning for shorter thirteen episode seasons. This fits in with a lot of non-network programming, where a three month run is a little more standard (say, FX with its 'Justified' and 'Louie,' or HBO with its even smaller seasons). Perhaps this is the beginning of a paradigm shift for network television (or perhaps just NBC) and how their seasons are structured.

But we're just happy to know that the gang still have a home after this last season. A couple months ago 'Community' was yanked from the schedule for a hiatus that smelled like a possible cancellation. Ratings have been a bit stronger after it returned, but not so strong as to necessarily justify keeping it around.

It's worth noting that a thirteen episode order would get the show up to 84 episodes in total, which would not be enough for syndication. Still, it's great to know the Greendale gang is coming back. And hopefully with Chevy Chase in tow.

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