Not to belabor the point by remembering that other series coming to an end tonight and making room for 'Community's glorious season 4 return, but we'll be glad to see the Greendale gang finally return for 13 weeks beginning with next Thursday's premiere "History 101." We've already seen a few clips from the outing, but leading man Jeff (Joel McHale) seemed notably absent from the proceedings. Want to know why? Get the latest 'Community' scoop from a new clip inside!

We're certainly hoping that 'Community' season 4 doesn't end up the last outing for the Greendale seven, even after Chevy Chase departs at season's end. If nothing else, the thirteen all-new episodes under Moses Port and David Guarascio are already looking up, based on the latest clip from next Thursday's premiere "History 101," courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

As the group enters their fourth year of community college, Jeff has a confession to the group, hearkening back to the premise of the series itself. What could Jeffrey be hiding? Will this end up the last year for 'Community' based on the direction the story seems to be headed?

Elsewhere, we know that ‘Community’s fourth season will see ‘Seinfeld’ star Jason Alexander in a mysterious role, guest turns from Brie Larson, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ vet Tricia Helfer, ‘Bridesmaids’ star Matt Lucas, UK thespian Malcolm McDowell as the gang’s new history professor, and Hollywood icon James Brolin as Jeff (Joel McHale)’s father.

Take a look at the latest 'Community' season 4 clip below, and give us your predictions for the season in the comments!