At least until its October 19 premiere, all eyes will be on 'Community' season 4's premiere to see if the critically-acclaimed comedy can maintain its unique quirks under new show-runners David Guarascio and Moses Port.  One way for certain to win over fans of genre TV?  Casting sci-fi's hottest babes, of course!  That's why 'Community' season 4 is already streets ahead in casting 'Battlestar Galactica' babe Tricia Helfer, but who will the tight-bodied toaster play?

Frakkin' A, this might just be 'Community' season 4's masterpiece.  TVLine reports that former 'Battlestar Galactica' star and all-around geek goddess Tricia Helfer will guest on the fourth season of 'Community' in the season's fourth episode.  The fourth episode of the Greendale Gang's upcoming year will see Abed headed to an Inspector Spacetime convention, wherein Helfer will play Lauren, an obviously gorgeous superfan of the 'Doctor Who' stand-in series.

The same episode will also see the introduction of 'Bridesmaids' star Matt Lucas as a fellow fan of the series, one with whom Abed finds a special kinship born given the two inadvertently conversed online about the series earlier.  'Community' season 4 will also see the introduction of UK thespian Malcolm McDowell as the gang's new history professor, one we maintain still bares a rather curious resemblance to series star Joel McHale.

Well, what say you?  Will Abed find love with a Cylon that looks suspiciously like Tricia Helfer?  What other famous faces do you think will grace 'Community' season 4 when it premieres on Friday, October 19?  Sound off in the comments below!