It's hard not to be bitter when the week of 'Community's season 4 premiere sees the new run of episodes pulled to an uncertain date, while one of NBC's most promoted new shows gets cancelled and replaced with a new season of 'Whitney.'  Well, never fear 'Community' fans!  Though October 19 may no longer see the returns of Jeff, Troy, Abed, Annie, Shirley, Britta and Pierce, the cast was on hand to shoot a special video talking about the delayed premiere!  Plus, Annie's Boobs totally deserve their own show.

It's a bitter day for 'Community' fans, as while the new season has been yanked out of our reach by NBC, 'Animal Practice' has been quietly put to sleep and replaced with 'Whitney,' of all shows.  Still, Troy and Abed feel your pain, and want to assure you that October 19 isn't really a day, but rather a warm state of mind in which 'Community' exists forever.

In the below video, the cast (in character) takes to addressing the controversy, and even throws a not-so-subtle (and perfectly timed) dig at 'Animal Practice' toward the end.  So buck up, 'Community' fans, our day will come.  In the meantime, there are plenty of casting announcements and even a new scene from the premiere to hold us over!

Watch Troy and Abed below, and tell us what you want to see from the new season of 'Community' in the comments!