Just when you thought that 'Community' season 5 couldn't bear any more incredible guest stars, the NBC cult comedy will suck it up and take itself a chubby. 'Arrested Development' star David Cross is the latest 'Community' season 5 guests, but what does it have to do with 'Breaking Bad' star Jonathan Banks, or Dungeons & Dragons?

According to Vulture, who first broke news of Cross' casting, the once and future Tobias Fünke will appear in a yet-to-be-filmed installment as Hank Hickey, the "bitterly estranged son” of Jonathan Banks’ season-long character of Annie (Alison Brie)'s criminology Professor Hickey. Cross will appear as the character "joins the study group for, at the very least, the second most important game of Dungeons & Dragons ever.”

‘Community’ season 5′s January 2 return will also see 'Arrested' creator Mitch Hurwitz guesting as a popular Greendale student, 'Breaking Bad' creator Vince Gilligan as "a smooth-talking gold digger," Nathan Fillion guest starring as a mysterious janitor, ‘Justified‘ star Walton Goggins guesting as another mysterious man who causes trouble for the Greendale gang, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim as associates of Dean Pelton, along with returns from Brie Larson, LeVar Burton, John Oliver’s Professor Duncan and comedian Rob Corddry as Jeff’s lawyer-rival Alan Connor. Donald Glover will exit the series after 5 episodes, the justifications of which caused a stir for the actor over Instagram.

Well, what say you? Who would you like to see guest starring in 'Community''s jam-packed fifth season next year?

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