Earlier today we heard that 'Community' guest Rob Corddry would return for the unscheduled season 5 premiere, though it seems the Greendale gang has taken a much fuller measure for the coming year. The pain of our Mike-less 'Breaking Bad' will soon come to an end as Jonathan Banks returns to NBC for 'Community' season 5 for a season-long guest arc!

Entertainment Weekly broke the news, drawing surprisingly little attention to the whopping 11 of 13 episodes for which the Emmy-nominated 'Breaking Bad' hitman has enrolled. According to the report, Banks will take the role of Pat Nichols, Annie's "intense" professor of criminology with a mystery-filled background in military and police service.

Should Giancarlo Esposito guest alongside Banks in any episodes this season, we'll lose our minds (and faces). Banks will first appear in the second episode of the season, having guested last year on 'Parks and Recreation' as Ben's (Adam Scott) gruff father.

Apart from Corddry's return as Jeff's lawyer-rival Alan Connor, relatively little has been revealed of ‘Community’ season 5, though returning showrunner Dan Harmon revealed at Comic-Con 2013 his intent to draft a second Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode. Chevy Chase will not return for the fifth season, while star Donald Glover will take a reduced five-episode role to develop his own FX series, ‘Atlanta.’

'Community' season 5 looks better by the day, making its possible 2014 premiere all the more torturous, but what say you? Are you excited to see Jonathan Banks gruff up the Greendale gang next season?

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