Perhaps an odd thing to admit given the state of 'Community' only a few weeks ago, but we're somewhat unsurprised to learn that ousted showrunner Dan Harmon and his former lieutenant Chris McKenna's season 5 returns to the series have been made official. Harmon had not been quiet about his impending return to the series, but are we any closer to learning how the fifth and potentially final season of NBC's 'Community' plays out?

Not exactly. Whether or not 'Community's self-prophesied "six season and a movie" truly comes to fruition will remain to be seen, but at least Sony TV has officially gone on record to announce Harmon and McKenna's return, having only one year ago so publicly cut off the 'Community' creator from his own series.

Also confirmed are the departures of replacement showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio, who stepped up to the impossible task of helming 'Community' season 4 in Harmon's wake, and made only a few manageable and understated stumbles. Harmon will once again serve as showrunner, while former writer McKenna has been moved up to executive producer. We doubt any persistent rumors of Chevy Chase's return to the series, but wouldn't be surprised if Sony TV made another play for one of the show's most recognizable stars, even with his tumultuous working relationship to Harmon.

Before the announcement became official, Harmon said of his intentions for 'Community' season 5:

I don’t think it would be very ‘Community’ of me to negate anything. Season three was weird, season two was weird, season one was weird; they’re all weird. So if season four was weird in a different way, season’s five job is to reveal that all four of those weird things add up to some weird hip-hop dance that when you put it on a loop, you go, ‘Oh, I get it!’

'Community' season 5 remains in midseason limbo for the moment, but what say you? Are you excited for the series to have its original showrunner back, and thus its best chance at living up to "six seasons and a movie?"

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