Surprised as we were to hear that 'Community' creator and ousted showrunner Dan Harmon would return for the series' fifth (and potentially final) season, the question remains if Harmon will acknowledge the previous season under replacement showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio. Harmon recently opened up about his still-unofficial return to the adored NBC series, announcing a very specific plan for season 5.

While Harmon previously admitted to not yet having seen season 4, the showrunner specified to E! that he planned to watch the new season following his work at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas. Harmon also clarified that Sony TV and NBC have yet to officially hammer out his return, which he slightly jumped the gun in announcing.

Having no intention to sully the work on season 4, which included writers previously hired under Harmon's tenure, Harmon assured fans that season 5 would keep respectful of what came before:

I don't think it would be very 'Community' of me to negate anything. Season three was weird, season two was weird, season one was weird; they're all weird. So if season four was weird in a different way, season's five job is to reveal that all four of those weird things add up to some weird hip-hop dance that when you put it on a loop, you go, 'Oh, I get it!'

Currently, most of the details of 'Community' season 5 remain unresolved as NBC has yet to schedule its place on the 2013-14 lineup. When production finally begins, do you hope to see Harmon playing nice with 'Community' season 4, or begin remaking the show toward its best years? Give us your thoughts on 'Community' season 5 in the comments!

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